A Modern Video Syncing Platform

Who we are?

MovieSync is a modern video-syncing platform that is gonna blow your mind. Wanna sync videos to watch with your friends and close people of yours, but not on the same room? Then upload your video, or copy-paste its URL and voila. You will all be able to watch it at the same time, the exact same second.

Why MovieSync?

Well, most web sites that provide video or movie syncing lack of some crucial features for their users. So, one of them is the ability to add Subtitles to your video. Oups! So, MovieSync lets you add custom Subtitles file easily and securely. Yeap!

How is it possible?

Also, most web sites are using old-fashioned technologies, like Flash or i-frame. Not acceptable for our users’ experience. MovieSync takes full advantage of HTML5 and jQuery libraries for Videos (e.g. JW Player) and WordPress fancy plugins (e.g. WP Videos)

Not thrilled yet?

Feel free to leave any comments/suggestions. You can also use our Contact page to communicate directly for support, player issues and/or new ideas  about MovieSync App. We will be really excited for your feedback and we want to provide you with the best result.

Free Plan

Basic Features
3hour/day Sync Time
2 Subtitle Files
4 Syncing Peers
CDN Backup
24/7 Team Support

Premium Plan

Dive into magic
$5/ Month
12hour/day Sync Time
5 Subtitle Files
10 Syncing Peers
CDN Backup
24/7 Team Support

Elite Plan

Reach the awesomenss
$30/ Year
Unlimited Sync Time
Unlimited Subtitle Files
Unlimited Syncing Peers
CDN Backup
24/7 Team Support

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